Fundamentals Of Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence


An upcoming game-changing technology that is disrupting the digital & computer technology age is artificial intelligence (AI). The whole of the information technology industry has adopted the use of machine learning & artificial algorithms in order to automate processes and provide robust outcomes. This book will familiarize you with the fundamental concepts and important phrases of the area of computer science that is seeing the most rapid expansion, as well as: An explanation of the many methods and algorithms that are utilized in machine learning, including why & how they are used as well as the tools that are necessary. Where to get data, which languages are most suited for machine learning, and what kinds of technologies are available to assist you with your task. This book provides an introduction to the foundations of contemporary artificial intelligence (AI), as well as coverage of recent developments in AI, such as Automated Planning, Information Retrieval, Intelligent Agents, Natural Language and Speech Processing, and Machine Vision. A short historical background can be found at the beginning of each chapter. This book explains, in terminology that is easy to understand, almost all of the components of artificial intelligence, including problem solving, search strategies, knowledge concepts, expert systems, and many more.
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Dr. Abdul Rahiman Sheik, Dr. Shikha Chadha, Dr. Saurabh Kumar, Mr. Anshumali Parashar

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