Fundamentals of Research Methodology and Statistics


The art and science of collecting, examining, presenting, and drawing conclusions from data are known as statistics. A significant portion of the early push for the study of statistics came from the need of governments for data from censuses as well as information on a wide range of economic activity. Both theoretical and practical advance-ments in statistics have been spurred on by the pressing need to convert the vast volumes of data that are now accessible in a variety of applied domains into information that is of use. Formal forms of study, such as theses, dissertations, academic journal articles, and so on, often contain a discussion of the researcher’s methods and procedures. If you are in the process of planning a research study, it is beneficial to have an understanding of what research methodology is as well as the variety of methods and instruments that are at your disposal. What is research methodology? What are the many types of research methodologies? What are some common procedures and equipment used to collect and analyse data? These are all topics covered in this book. This book contains chapters and topics that cover all of the necessary information that is associated with “Research statistics and methodology.” If people read this book, they will undoubtedly be able to obtain information and an understanding of why research statistics is such an important topic in the field of research and what fields it is having the most significant impact on. If people read this book, they will also be able to learn what fields it is most significantly affecting. Both instructors and students will benefit from reading this book since it explains all you need to know about statistics. After doing a great deal of study on the subject, the author decided to add the content that is now included in this book. After engaging in a great deal of conversation, the writers of this book contributed all of the material that is included in this book.
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Dr. Shyam Sundar, Dr. Sandip Kumar

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