Getting Started With The IOT


The term “Internet of Things development” is used to describe the process of developing, deploying, and maintaining IoT systems. The process includes setting up the configurations and writing the code for an IoT solution’s software and hardware components. The disciplines of security, hardware device programming, cloud programming, systems engineering, networking, and many more may intersect with the development of the Internet of Things. To effectively build and manage IoT solutions, developers must work closely with a wide range of specialists working under the IoT development umbrella and with the other stakeholders. High-quality, resilient, user-friendly, scalable, and secure IoT solutions are essential. However, there are difficulties in developing the Internet of Things. Cybercriminals may target a far larger number of devices in an IoT network. A single compromised IoT device might leave the whole network vulnerable. The rising number of cyberattacks demonstrates the critical need to protect the Internet of Things. IoT networks are vulnerable due to the absence of reliable security measures for the IoT platforms, unprotected interfaces, including unencrypted data transfer between connected devices.
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Midhun Moorthi C

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