Green Chemistry


Misuse of chemistry, such as the manufacturing of nonbiodegradable materials and the discharge of pollutants and poisonous compounds, has harmed the environment and all forms of life, including people. It is now clear that chemical science has to change its focus from exploiting finite resources and producing ever-greater quantities of products that end up as waste to using chemistry to meet human needs in ways that do not compromise the health of the planet’s life-sustaining ecosystems. Fortunately, environmental friendliness & resource sustainability are becoming more important in the practice of the chemical science and business, Green chemistry is the term given to a method of chemistry that optimizes its advantages while eliminating or significantly decreasing its harmful aspects. Green chemistry & green chemical engineering aim to reduce waste and the production or use of especially hazardous materials by modifying or reimagining chemical goods and processes. Those that practice green chemistry take personal responsibility for the impact their chemicals and procedures have on the environment. To the contrary, green chemistry seeks to boost profits and encourage innovation while safeguarding human health and the environment, making it anything but an economic drag. This accessible book covers a wide range of topics related to sustainable and environmentally friendly chemistry from a scientific, technological, and policy perspective. With the goal of promoting global learning, contemplation, and scaling-up action through a shared understanding of the notion, it explores many aspects of the issue.
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Dr. P. Tharmaraj, Dr. J. Shakina, Dr. R. Sujatha, Dr. L. Alphonse

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