Hazardous And Solid Waste Management


This book gives a comprehensive overview of environmental issues and their impacts, and the most recent trends and technologies in the treatment of hazardous waste, site assessment, landfilling, storage, handling, transportation, and disposal of solid wastes, waste minimization, and the management of medical/biomedical and infectious waste. In addition to that, it investigates waste site repair and clean-up technologies, in addition to new and ongoing regulatory and policy legislation. The fundamental ideas behind the management of hazardous waste are presented to the readers of this book, and the discussion then moves on to related subjects that enable evaluate the state of the environment. Heavy metal pollution, reproductive biomarkers and indicators of environmental pressure and potential health hazards, or environmental contamination inside an international context are some of the themes that will be covered in this book. The foundations of managing solid and hazardous waste are laid forth in an understandable way in this book. The methods that are used for the treatment, storage, and disposal of municipal, biomedical, industrial, hazardous, and electronic wastes are discussed in a great deal of depth here.
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Dr. S. Swetha, Dr. M. Prashanthi, N. Sangeeta Rani, G. Jyothi

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