Health, Lifestyle Management And Yoga


Many positive changes have occurred in the ways people eat and move as a result of modern living. The usage of social networks and other forms of media, along with the ongoing effects of the economic downturn, have served to further separate individuals from one another. As a result, individuals now lead quite different lives than in the past, more prone to acts of exclusion, xenophobia, and terror in the face of supposed statistical disadvantages. This triggered the emergence of various related problems in the youth sector. Young people have grown less physically active and more judgmental of their peers, which we have seen. This invisibility has led to inaction and the proliferation of negative preconceptions. The human body undergoes pathological alterations due to a lack of exercise. The idea of wellness is rather wide. This book aims to provide readers a holistic yet detailed understanding of the topic. All of its aspects are taken into account, from the psychological to the environmental. Each of these aspects is related to and dependent upon the others. We also acknowledge that our global community is multiethnic and that wellness extends beyond what can be covered in this article. For instance, we hold that trauma is shared by all people and that individual cultural and spiritual backgrounds shape how we see the world and interact with it. In a nutshell, wellness refers to the state of mind and body that results from our daily actions.
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Dr. Suresh Kumar Agarwal, Lt. Shweta Priyadarshi Mendhe., Rajesh.E, Dr. Vijaykumar Balbhim Shinde

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