Human Physiology And Anatomy



The study of the internal structure of the body is the focus of the scientific discipline known as anatomy. From the head down to the toes, this page provides links to detailed explanations of, as well as images of, the many parts & organ systems that make up the human body. Physiology is the study of the activities and systems that comprise a live organism. Physiology is a branch of biology that studies the mechanistic details of how organisms, tissues, cells, organs, and biomolecules perform their vital functions. This book provides an overview of the usual structure of the human body as well as an explanation of how it functions in order to maintain a state of equilibrium and good health. In addition to this, it offers straightforward explanations of fundamental concepts and has an emphasis that is both clear and concise on physiology and anatomy. It focuses on the ways in which the organs, tissues, and systems of the body work together to carry out processes including as learning, managing blood pressure, learning how to respond to stress, or maintaining the temperature of the body. In this engaging and understandable piece of literature, many ideas are explained in more detail. The chapters are structured in a way that makes sense, build on what was covered in previous chapters, and have as their overarching goal the expansion of the reader’s knowledge and understanding of the human body.

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Dr. Divya Aggarwal PT, Dr. Sajad Hamid, Dr. Mohit Chaturvedi, Dr. Ankit Singh Shekhawat

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