Human Values And Professional Ethics


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This well-structured book begins with a discussion of Human Values before moving on to explore different ways of investigating and discussing topics like ethics, ethics theories, value-based ethics, and the ethical responsibilities of engineers in terms of things like safety, risk, teamwork, and loyalty. It also discusses global topics including management principles, workplace ethics, and industrial integrity, as well as the duties of engineers in an organisational environment. Language in this book is simple and easy to understand for students. This book examines what it means to be really happy and prosperous, as well as providing guidance on how to acquire a value education, do introspective self-analysis, prioritise human needs and goals, and more. Harmony and the realisation of ambitions are discussed in detail, as are the compatibility of the material and the immaterial, the wants of the conscious I, and the requirements of the physical body.

Dr. Gupta Shubham Lalbabuprasad, Dr. Sayli Manish Murkute, Dr. Anusha Nicole Prabhu, Ms. Vedangi Pramod Patil






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