Indian Intellectual Property Rights


Intellectual property (IP), which consists of works produced by human thought, is a rapidly expanding industry because of the crucial role it plays in a country’s economic growth. Intellectual property (IP) has been recognized as a crucial part of the business sector in the twenty-first century since it may determine a company’s success or failure. The same holds true for the fields of academics, agriculture, geographical indicators, and traditional knowledge, all of which rely heavily on intellectual property to advance their respective fields. Intellectual property not only improves a company’s or person’s reputation but also aids in solving social problems and can generate substantial profits. It’s no secret that in the modern business paradigm, ideas and expertise are worth their weight in gold. The value of cutting-edge technologies and pharmaceutical breakthroughs stems mostly from the time and effort spent on their development and testing. Products like movies, albums, books, programs, and online services are often purchased for their content rather than their physical construction materials like plastic, metal, or paper. The value of many things that were formerly considered low-tech commodities, such as branded apparel or novel plant kinds, is now largely attributable to innovation and design. Therefore, authors have the legal right to forbid others from making use of their works. Intellectual property rights are the umbrella term for these protections.
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Dr. Kalpana Vithalrao Jawale

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