Innovation, Research Methodology: Methods & Techniques


This book is a classic in the world of research methodology; it presents a collection of important theoretical advances in the area of robustness, enabling experts to broaden their understanding of research techniques from a variety of disciplines. Statistical modeling, new measurements, digital studies, biometrics as well as neurology, the philosophical foundations of research, computer modeling methods, and new mathematical concepts are just a few of the key areas that are dissected in this book that focuses on new techniques within management. Providing an insightful and interesting examination of each issue, Innovative Research Methodologies within Management is a really ground-breaking contribution to the development of research methodologies throughout the field of business studies. Its stated goal is to open up new avenues of inquiry by proposing novel research agendas that may then be used as springboards for the widespread adoption of cutting-edge methods and the discovery of exciting new areas of inquiry. This book examines the function and significance of interpret, qualitative research in the fast-paced business world.
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Dr. Lakhan Bohane, Rakhi Sharma,Dr. Siddharth Jain, Mouli Chakraborty

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