Innovative Teaching Pedagogies


Pedagogy is the study of the practice of education. Learning is driven by a teacher’s philosophy, which in turn necessitates deep discussions between educators and their pupils. Educators may improve students’ chances of success by helping them construct new information and refine existing abilities and mindsets. Studying new approaches to education and how they affect student learning is what “Innovative Pedagogy” is all about. Raising children to become lifelong students with a wide range of academic and social abilities requires a solid grounding in pedagogy. According to the National Education Policy 2020, schooling must be more comprehensive, interdisciplinary, welcoming, exciting, and interesting for students. By using real scientific equipment, such as controlling remote laboratory experiments or telescopes, creative pedagogy may help students build science inquiry skills and enhance motivation. While this kind of remote access was first intended for researchers and college students, it is now also accessible to prospective educators and students.
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Midhun Moorthi C, Dr. Rajeshwari Garg, Dr. Vineeta Pandey,Priyanka Elizabeth Thomas

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