Integrated Solid Waste Management


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Management of solid waste is a crucial function for every community. However, before we get into the procedure itself, it would be helpful to talk about the substance being managed: solid waste. The term “solid waste” is used to describe a broad category of rubbish that includes both animal and human-generated junk. There are a number of options for dealing with the solid waste produced by local businesses, homes, and factories. This leads to the common categorization of landfills as municipal, sanitary, construction and demolition, or industrial. Plastic, glass, paper, metal, and biological materials are all types of garbage that may be separated apart from one another. Depending on the nature of the waste, it may be classified as flammable, radioactive, infectious, poisonous, or non-toxic. It’s possible to classify trash based on where it came from, classifying it as either building debris, demolition debris, household trash, or commercial trash.

Asha Rani N R, Dr. J. Anuradha, G.Sharmilaa, Prof. Shama Jehan Parveen Khanam






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