Intellectual Property Rights And Business Security


The World Intellectual Property Organization defines intellectual property as “creations of the mind,” which includes inventions, literary and creative works, as well as symbols, names, pictures, and designs utilized in commercial transactions. The organization recognizes two different categories of intellectual property, namely “industrial” and “copyright,” and establishes a difference between the two. The first kind of intellectual property is often the sort that is held by enterprises (inventions, industrial designs, etc.), while the second type of intellectual property relates to creative productions such as original literature or music. This book takes an industrial approach to the concept of intellectual property, concentrating on the legal actions and preventive safety measures that a company can take to preserve its intellectual property both now and in the future. This book takes a methodical approach to discussing how to file for and defend various types of intellectual property, as well as the associated techno-legal concepts. It brings together the fundamental ideas behind all different kinds of intellectual property rights (IPR), as well as the procedures for registering them and the regulations governing their use. The protection of intellectual assets is more challenging than the protection of other kinds of properties because intellectual properties are intangible. It is common practice to use the word “intellectual property’ in legal contexts in order to protect the rights of artists and inventors because of the monetary connotations of the term. By granting artists and inventors exclusive rights to their work for a certain amount of time, Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) serve to both promote and protect those who engage in creative endeavors.
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Dr. Avon Kumar Vaid, Dr. Mayur Parmar, G R Srikkanth, Prof. Meera K L

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