International Marketing Management


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Management of a company’s international (or cross- border) marketing efforts is known as international marketing. International marketing is the practise of using marketing strategies to increase commerce between different countries. This necessitates a broadening of a company’s methods from those used in its place of origin. Technology and communication advancements have facilitated international commerce and trade. However, many things are at risk for businesses that want to expand internationally. There are significant differences between doing business at home and abroad. Taking a close look at the foreign marketing landscape is essential. There may be major societal, political, and legal hurdles as well. As a result, it is crucial to do thorough research and analysis of the prospective market. To get there, you need to first categorize your product and market. Standards and product norms and regulations maintained in the nation, as well as cultural customs prevalent in the target market, are also vital to research. The objective of this book International Marketing Management is to provide complete important aspects, challenges, and ways to overcome them. Thus this book is divided into seven units that focus on firstly the overview of international marketing management, second; global business entry and development, third; environment & global marketing, fourth; product and promotion strategy in the global market, fifth; pricing for the international market, sixth; international distribution strategy, and the final seventh is the Indian’s international policy and impact on the economy.

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