Internet Of Things And Its Applications


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The Internet of Things (IoT) greatly increases the scope of IT by merging the digital and physical worlds. There has been a rush of creativity and optimism due to the vast opportunities presented by electronic monitoring and control of the physical environment. Predictions of a very different future and a good bit of excitement have been sparked by the radical shifts that IoT can bring to the way company manages physical assets, the way consumers care for their well-being and fitness, and the way cities function. Increasingly digitised and interconnected machinery is creating new ecosystems that boost productivity, enhance energy efficiency, and increase profits by facilitating communication between machines, people, and the Internet. Web-enabled devices will constitute the backbone of the IoT by serving as a communication center and application incubation for other connected devices. In this context, the goal of this book is to provide readers with up-to-date information on the latest developments in the relevant fields, to emphasise the challenges in addressing these challenges, and to provide sources for possible solutions. Future issues with IoT include extensive data collecting, the possibility of unanticipated uses of user data, and increased security threats. Therefore, the present technology has to be enhanced to increase privacy and construct safe IoT devices by taking a security-focused approach, decreasing the quantity of data gathered by IoT devices, raising transparency, and giving users an opt-out option. For the purpose of visually representing the many Internet of Things (IoT) problems, difficulties, and current approaches this books talks about all the measures that IoT takes as well how other technology brings benefits to the domain of Internet of Things.

Shri Ramsagar Yadav, Aditi Bhushan, Priya Ranjan Kumar Dr. Mohiuddin Noorulhaq Quadri






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