Introduction To Cell Biology


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The study of the structure, function, or behaviour of cells is the focus of the biological discipline known as cell biology (sometimes known as cellular biology or cytology). Cells are the fundamental building blocks of every living entity. The fundamental unit of life that is accountable for the continued existence and operation of organisms is referred to as a cell. This book is aimed to serve as an easy introduction to the science of cell biology in mammalian cells, and its purpose is to fulfil that purpose. When discussing the basic properties of mammalian cells, such as their potential for secretion, division, motility, and interactions with other cells, references derived from the most current and relevant papers in the area of research are used as a source of information. This all-encompassing book discusses fundamental ideas of cellular function and makes use of those ideas to illustrate how mistakes at the molecular level may lead to` cellular dysfunction and, eventually, sickness in humans. Because of the wide range and in-depth nature of its coverage, it applies to both research and clinical practice. The book provides an overview of the development of cell biology and lays out a rational structure that readers who are not already well-versed in the area may use to explore the subject matter. by collecting central concepts and meanings from a domain that is vast and always developing. The book is written in language that is simple to comprehend and concise; as a function, it is written in a manner that is pleasant to read and gives a sense of the excitement that is linked with modern biology.

Dr. Kamal Saini, Mridul S. Khajuriya, Dr. Ather Hussain, Shaikh Rajesh Ali






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