Introduction To Herbal Drug Technology


An introduction to the herbal medicine business, its raw material excellence, quality criteria for herbal medications, Ayurvedic compositions, herbal beauty products, organic sweeteners, nutraceuticals, etc. are all covered in this textbook. Good manufacturing procedures (GMP), patenting, and legal issues related to herbal medicines are also covered. After reading this book, readers will be familiar with the criteria used by the World Health Organization and the International Council for Harmonization in the assessment of both raw materials and medicinal products made from herbs. It will help pupils make the connection between plant cultivation and finished herbal medicine items. This book covers a wide range of topics important to the herbal medicine business, including biodynamic farming, Indian medical practices, herbal medications and herb–food relations, herbal additives, herbal compositions, patenting and licensing requirements for organic goods, regulatory issues, and an overall overview to the field, & good manufacturing practices for Indian medical products. It achieves a happy medium between basic and in-depth information outside of broad categories. The practical and theoretical sections each include extensive, well-labeled graphics and crucial tables presented in an approachable style.
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Prof (Dr.) Sushil Bhargav, Dr. Manish Dubey, Mr. Vishal Trivedi

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