Introduction To Industrial Pharmacy


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The pharmaceutical business strives to find, develop, produce, and distribute medications that are both safe and effective for their intended use in a therapeutic setting. As a field of study, industrial pharmacy focuses on all aspects of the pharmaceutical life cycle, including research and development, product design, production, quality control, and retail distribution. Industrial Pharmacy is a book written with the express purpose of reshaping readers’ basic understanding of the many common dosage forms now in use. Over ninety percent of commercially available formulations are traditional. Pharmacy students at all levels might benefit from learning the fundamentals of drug delivery system design and production. This book is written in a straightforward manner so the reader can easily understand. Industrial pharmacy, also known as pharmaceutics, is not limited to a single field of study. Instead, it calls for expertise in a wide range of disciplines, including chemistry, pharmaceutics, biological sciences, biochemical, and more. This book includes number of topics like Preformulation Studies, Chemical Properties, Physical properties, Formulation of tablets, Compression and processing problems, Tablet coating, Quality control tests, Capsules, Parenteral Products, Preformulation factors and essential requirements, Containers and closures selection, Ophthalmic Preparations and many more.





Dr. Sachin Balkrishna Somwanshi, Dr. Wajid N. Chaus, Dr. Vijay Kumar Yadav, Mr. Khemkaran Ahirwar






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