IOT: Understanding the Fundamentals, operations and Applications


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An evolutionary phase in the Internet’s growth is the Internet of Things, which establishes a global infrastructure for integrating devices as well as humans. A major emphasis of the early Internet use as well as implementation, which began in earnest in 1990s, was on how it will alter traditional business models for financial transactions, online shopping, news consumption, as well as information sharing. From banking & retail to face-to-face communication as well as government services, it has been a revolution that digitised a broad variety of services. Internet revolution’s initial two decades concentrated on services as well as enterprises for consumers, but human-centric. For customers, new business models emerged for online shopping, banking, video conferencing, and more. As a result of the rapid speed of the cloud revolution as well as business-to-business models, several industries have been completely wiped out. Economies throughout the world have been impacted greatly. A new way of life is being seen as well as experienced today due of the Internet’s ability to reach our homes as well as our workplaces.

IoT technologies, application areas, architectures, as well as the future prospects are all covered in this book. Many elements go into the creation of a comprehensive Internet-of-things system as well as service. Embedded processors, various kinds of memory, actuators, sensors, cloud servers, network systems, intermediary processing systems, as well as gateways all form part of the hardware infrastructure. At the very least, the software foundation contains databases, operating systems, and control programmes for a wide range of applications.

The Internet of Things (IoT) is a rapidly evolving field. This book serves as a record of the present condition of affairs. The work on this book is still ongoing, so we expect to add more material as the topic develops.


Dr. Pankaj Dadheech
Dr. Sanwta Ram Dogiwal






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