Learning Social Media Marketing


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Social media is a must nowadays, everyone from a school going teenager to a retired senior citizen are using the social media. Keywords such as Like, Share and Follow are now everyone’s tongue. The world is now connected more than ever, all of them are sharing their pictures, recipes and ideas etc. to everyone around the globe and some are finding various people strangers or acquaintance alike all thanks to social media. As another digital world of humans (social media) some of them get startled by the use of social media with the new trends coming every week and some of them think that they couldn’t catch up with social media world. So, the book tries to provides a little insight of the social media world and age. This book covers a vast array of topics ranging from business, accounting, strategies, cyber campaign and also a plethora of tech tools which would be helpful for the masses and also for the likes of students, developers, content creators and social media influencers and stars. The book proves to be an intensive guide for anyone who would like to learning the basics or to do the intensive research or to gain knowledge about the world of social media functioning.

Dr. Ghanshyam Vatsa






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