Legal Regime of Geographical Indications in India


An indicator of a product’s geographical origins and any distinctive characteristics or reputations associated with that origin is known as a geographical representation. A geographical indicator is primarily provided to manufactured, organic, and handcrafted products originating from a certain geographic region. Geographical indications (G.I.) constitute one of the types of intellectual property rights (IPR) that designate an item as coming from a certain region, locale, or country’s territory, where a certain quality, prestige, or other aspect of the product is primarily attributable towards its geographical origins. This book had been written with the intention to help the students of the related field. This book can be helpful to reader’s that are studying or aiming to build a career in the respective field. The main aim of the book is to cover all the important topic in a simple and easy way to be able to understand.
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Dr. Avon Kumar Vaid

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