Management: Principles and It’s Practice


The book introduces a number of fascinating business ideas that explain how certain companies rose to become market leaders. An engaging analysis of the traits that distinguish winning managers and leaders from those who fall short. The author argues that managers should focus on developing their employees’ strengths rather than buying into the common belief that it is their responsibility to identify and correct their employees’ weaknesses. This publication aids readers in comprehending the idea and procedures of management, as opposed to many others on the topic which present a multiplicity of notions but little substance. Self-management is the foundation of good leadership, and this book gives its readers a wealth of useful information in an accessible format. Reading a well acclaimed book is a great way to jumpstart your journey toward being a better manager. Principles of Management is a textbook for aspiring business executives that focuses on tactics, entrepreneurialism, and active leadership.
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Dr. Mani Tyagi,Rajesh.E,Dr. Amitabh Roy, Dr. Rajib Mallik

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