Management: Principles and Practices


Many intriguing business principles are introduced in the book to shed light on the evolution of average businesses into industry leaders. An interesting read on the qualities of effective managers and leaders that enable them to successfully steer their teams to victory. Instead than falling for the prevalent myth that a manager’s job is to find and fix workers’ faults, the author believes that managers should instead concentrate on building on their employees’ advantages. In contrast to many other works on the subject, which provide a plethora of concepts but no substance, this one helps readers better understand the concept and methods of management. effective management begins with effective self-management, and this book provides its readers with a plethora of material that is both pertinent and well-organized. If you want to improve your managerial skills, reading a book that has received widespread recognition is a fantastic place to start. Strategy, entrepreneurialism, and active leadership are the three threads that run through each section in Principles of Management, a textbook for aspiring company executives.
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Prof. Venkateswara Gupta Alamuri , Dr. Ashwini Mandar Kshirsagar

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