Management Thought & Organization Behavior


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Management and Organizational Behaviour is widely used as an introductory text in the fields of management and organisational psychology. Contemporary students still turn to this book as their go-to Organizational Behaviour text because of its accessible writing style and wealth of references to relevant pieces of management research and practice. Human behaviour and the elements that affect the productivity of employees are the focus of the field of research known as organisational behaviour. It focuses on the actions of individual people and small groups rather than on the overall conduct of larger organisations. Organizational Behaviour is the textbook you need to succeed in your management course and in today’s global economy. It is straightforward, succinct, and prepared by specialists who are actively teaching in the subject.


Prof. Mihir Kumar Shome, Meghali Saikia, Anish Kumar Bhunia, Ms. Kshitija Landge






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