Medical Microbiology



The development of microorganisms poses a significant problem for the contemporary medical system and for public health. Since viruses like influenza, HIV, TB, malaria, and SARS are always changing, maintaining monitoring and gaining knowledge into the underlying mechanism is essential. In the field of medical microbiology, study the composition, diversity, and behaviors of microorganisms, as well as how they have an effect on human health and well-being, especially as infectious agents. Epidemiology as well as the biology of microorganisms are both broken down in great depth in the field of medical microbiology. It examines the factors that contribute to the pathogenicity & virulence in microbial organisms. It examines the innate propensity for sensitivity to antimicrobial agents or immunity to such drugs. The categorization of Neisseriaceae as well as its clinical significance are completely explored. There is an extensive discussion on both the definition of haemophiles and its infectious potential. This book provides an in-depth discussion on the categorization of spiral bacteria as well as their therapeutic significance. The process of isolating fungus as well as identifying them is explained in its entirety. The laboratory & serological diagnosis for systemic fungal infections are discussed in this book. The principles of microbiology & immunology are presented in an interesting way that is both clear and concise throughout this condensed and user-friendly book.

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Dr. Anusha G, Dr. Maheshwary D, Mr. Sujith R, Dr. R. Ishwarya

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