New Era Of Educational Psychology


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There are many great books for students, professionals, and curious readers to use as resources in the field of educational psychology. Educators who specialize in educational psychology seek to solve problems by integrating psychological theory and research. It’s worth a lot to you. By applying psychological principles to the classroom, educational psychologists hope to improve teaching and learning. They provide a thorough introduction to the intriguing field of psychology as well as an in-depth analysis of its major concepts. The main aim of the author of the book is to be able to guide the readers with the new development in the field of the psychology. This book comprises many important topics in the field of Educational Psychology. Introduction to Psychology, Branches and Fields of Psychology, What is Educational Psychology?, Methods of Educational Psychology, Psychology of Growth and Development, Theories of Growth and Development, Psychology of Motivation, Theories of Motivation, Attention, Aspects of Attention, Types of Attention, Factors or Determinants of Attention, Educational Implications of Attention are some of the topic covered in this book and there are many more related to them.

Dr. Tagaram Kondala Rao, Dr. Chandra Sekhar Garlapati, Pradyumansinh Raj, Dr. K Sudhakar






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