Non Destructive Concrete Testing Lab Manual


“Non-Destructive Testing of Concrete Structures: Laboratory Manual” is a comprehensive guide designed to assist students, researchers, and professionals in understanding and conduct non-destructive testing (NDT) on concrete structures. This practical manual provides step-by-step instructions and detailed explanations of various NDT techniques commonly used for evaluating the integrity and quality of concrete. It covers different methods, including ultrasonic testing, infrared thermography, rebound hammer testing, impact echo testing, and ground-penetrating radar. The book emphasizes a hands-on approach, with each technique accompanied by clear diagrams and photographs. Readers will learn how to prepare concrete samples, operate the testing equipment, interpret test results, and draw conclusions about the structural health of concrete elements. Furthermore, the laboratory manual highlights essential considerations, such as safety precautions, limitations of each method, and factors that may affect test results. It also discusses the significance of NDT in assessing durability, detecting defects, and guiding repair and maintenance strategies for concrete structures. “Non-Destructive Testing on Concrete Structures:Laboratory Manual” serves as an invaluable resource for civil engineering students, researchers in structural assessment, and professionals working in the construction and infrastructure industries. It equips readers with the necessary knowledge and practical skills to effectively utilize NDT techniques and make informed decisions regarding the condition of concrete structures.
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Dhruv Saxena, Puneet Gaur, Akash Gupta, Dr Tarun Gehlot

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