Operations Management : A Systematic Approach



Welcome to “Operations Management” a comprehensive manuscript designed to equip aspiring business leaders with the essential knowledge and skills required to navigate the dynamic landscape of operations within organizations. This book is tailored specifically for MBA students, acknowledging the unique perspectives, challenges, and responsibilities that come with pursuing advanced degrees in business administration. Operations management is a cornerstone of effective business strategy, influencing an organization’s efficiency, competitiveness, and overall success. As MBA students, your journey involves mastering the art and science of operations to make informed decisions that drive sustainable value. In this text, we delve into the core concepts of Operations Management, starting with an insightful exploration in Unit-I. We examine the introduction, nature, and scope of production and operations management, exploring its objectives, evolution, and the nuanced differences between manufacturing and service operations. This unit also sheds light on the relationships with other functional areas of management, recent trends in operations, and the crucial roles and responsibilities of Production and Operations Managers. Throughout this journey, real-world examples and practical applications are interwoven with theoretical concepts to provide a comprehensive learning experience. We encourage you to engage actively with the content, apply critical thinking to practical problems, and embrace the challenges posed by each chapter. As you embark on this exploration of Operations Management, our hope is that this book serves as a valuable companion, enriching your MBA education and preparing you for the intricate decisions you’ll face in the professional realm. Happy learning!

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Dr. Apparao Epi, Dr. Sridevi Maganti

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