Operations Research



The textbook “Operations Research” has been specifically developed according to the academic needs of students pursuing degrees in the fields of engineering and science. The purpose of this book is to facilitate comprehension and use of operations research methodologies in industrial operations, as well as foster an understanding of resource optimization. The book may also serve as a valuable resource for management courses and research projects within this particular field.

The book provides an introduction to fundamental concepts in linear programming, including the formulation and graphical solution of linear programming problems (LPP), as well as the simplex and revised simplex techniques. The book includes sequencing and scheduling, specifically focusing on the critical path method and programme evaluation and review techniques.

Additionally, the book covers dynamic, integer, and goal programming, as well as game and decision theories. Furthermore, the curriculum explores queuing, replacement, and inventory models, encompassing both deterministic and probabilistic approaches. The book also includes an examination of simulation, non-linear programming, and classical optimisation techniques.

This book aims to provide a comprehensive overview of the operations models that comprise the model base, a part of the Decision Support System, within the expanding domain of analytics. The objective of the book is to convey the subject matter in a manner that facilitates comprehension for students of varying aptitudes, ensuring accessibility for even those with ordinary academic abilities. The book has a simple and accessible language that facilitates understanding.

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Dr. Yenda Srinivasa Rao

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