Pharmaceutical Products And Technology


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It is impossible to get to the top of the pharmaceutical sector without a relentless focus on quality. New ailments call for novel treatments, and fiercer competition necessitates accelerating to the next level with ever-more-efficient methods. By fusing the physical and digital worlds, its tried-and-true digital solutions may help you improve the effectiveness, quality, and productivity of your pharmaceutical value chain. It’s time for us to work together and beat the time. As this book is divided into five chapters which cover very important aspects of pharmaceutical products and technology and its topics such as the testing of pharmaceutical goods, the many kinds of pharmaceutical products, recommendations for the performance of stability studies, and significant terminology that is used throughout the book. This book is focused on nutraceutical and cosmetic goods, as well as a brief introduction to the history, terminology, and categorization of nutraceuticals and cosmetics, as well as their safety and effectiveness. The author has covered every significant aspect of regulatory affairs in Chapter 3, including good manufacturing practices the significance of quality assurance and quality control, the material contained in master formula records, US FDA Drug Master Files, and an environment management system clause. In Chapter 4, the author discussed intellectual property rights and the various types, as well as their benefits and drawbacks, as well as the role that intellectual property rights play in pharmaceutical research. Additionally, the author taught us how to file a patent on our invention and how to make patents commercially available

Dr. Jiwan P. Lavande, Mr. Kiran C Rodge






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