Pharmacognosy / As Per PCI – ER 2020


Pharmacognosy focuses on active chemical components of crude medications of natural origin, including those derived from animals, plants, and minerals. In addition to textiles, cosmetics and food sectors, these are also utilized in the treatment of numerous ailments. Apothecaries carried the crude pharmaceuticals used to make herbal tea blends, various tinctures, and extracts, including juices, which were then used to make medical drops, ointments, infusions, syrups, and liniments throughout the first part of the nineteenth century. Cantharides, glandular products such as thyroid organs, and extracts including liver extracts are all examples of drugs derived from whole animals. Products derived from animals also include musk, fish liver oils, beeswax, and certain enzymes, hormones, & antitoxins. Drugs may either be part of an organized trade or sold by dealers operating independently. Plants’ cellular tissues make up organized medicines. Drugs that are not well-structured may be derived from plants, but they do not include any cellular tissue since they are not actual plant parts but rather are created by certain physical procedures such as cutting, drying, or water extraction. Plants secrete several medications, including aloe, catechu, opium, resins, gums, and more. The sale of crude pharmaceuticals and their derivatives is a lucrative business. There could only be a little quantity of them gathered from wild sources, hence the price was astronomical. This is no longer the case. Crop production on a massive scale relies on several species that are also economically significant to the industry. In recent years, drug plants, standardized extracts, including therapeutically active pure ingredients have all emerged as major market commodities traded across national borders.Given these uplifting realities, it’s easy to see how pharmacognosy’s applications might go far and wide across healthcare, pharmaceutical, pesticide, food supplement.
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Dr. Jagdish Chandra Nagar, Dr. Mukesh Meena, Mr. Arjun R. Kashnia, Mr. Chandrachud Sharma

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