Pharmacotherapeutics / As Per PCI – ER 2020


The book on pharmacotherapeutics seems an ideal tool for learners who wish to delve into and gain knowledge about the subject. This book offers a complete and accurate guide to the subject of Pharmacotherapeutics, encompassing all of its aspects. The book is written by subject matter experts and offers a legitimate, evidence-based method for addressing the topic. This book is required reading for learners who wish to gain a comprehensive knowledge of pharmaceuticals along with will be a valuable tool for doctors as well as other medical professionals who must stay abreast of the most recent advancements in the field of medicine. In keeping with the holistic approach advocated by modern medical curriculum, this comprehensive textbook covers all aspects of pharmacology, including the fundamentals of the field and pathophysiology by the application of these concepts in clinical practice and treatments. The term “pharmacotherapeutics” refers to a body of knowledge focused on the appropriate administration of pharmaceuticals for the management of illness. It takes a multidisciplinary approach to the study of pharmaceuticals and their effects on the human body. The book has a straightforward structure. The fields of pharmacy, healthcare, dental care, and nursing all include pharmacology as a significant topic in their respective graduate-level curricula. For the doctor or expert to reach a high level of expertise, they must also be well versed in this area.
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Dr. Vikas Sharma, Mr. Mukesh Mehra, Dr. Pushpendra Saini, Mr. Rohitash Kumar Sharma

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