Philosophical And Sociological Foundation Of Education


The Foundations of Education, Both Philosophical and Sociological the purpose of which is to provide an all-encompassing knowledge of the educational system’s philosophical and social facets. Education is built on a foundation of philosophical principles. It is possible to state that it is the mother of education since the form of education is thought to have developed from the philosophy of life. This book offers a broad spectrum of key subjects that are all connected. The process of education is ever-changing. It shifts as a result of changes in sociopolitical and economic situations, a result of the explosion of information, and a result of the great social transformation that has taken place over the years. Alteration is one of the most defining features of Mother Nature. The role of the Teacher is similar to that of a philosopher in that the Teacher attempts to shape and grow the kid in accordance with his philosophy to achieve the desired kind of person. This focus and elevated thinking are to illuminate the mysterious and eternal aspects of reality. This book is an effort to give readers a study that is both thorough and understandable of many parts of the Philosophical and Sociological Foundations of Education. This attempt is presented in the form of a book. It is laid out in a variety of chapters, each of which provides clarity on the principles, requirements, and relevance of the Philosophical and Sociological Foundations of Education.
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Dr. Mukesh Kumar Singh, Dr. Anupama Singh, Dr. Umesh Srivastava

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