Physical Education, Health And Sports


PHYSICAL EDUCATION, HEALTH, AND SPORTS is a comprehensive introduction to the field of physical education that covers a broad variety of themes, from the field’s historical roots to the field’s modern fitness instruction, professional or classroom ethics, vocations, and future developments. This book gives an excellent overview of the several subfields that make up physical education and a solid foundation for future educators. The philosophical, social, pedagogical, and comparative perspectives presented in this book demonstrate the breadth and depth of the discipline of physical education. It is important to explore not just the history and purpose of physical education, but also the relationship between physical activity and overall health, the growing importance of standardized testing in the area, and innovative approaches to pedagogical experimentation. Education “through the physical” is what we mean when we say “physical education.” It is intended to enhance students’physical competence as well as their understanding of movement and safety, as well as their ability to apply these to participate in a broad variety of activities linked with the development of an active and healthy lifestyle. In addition to this, it builds students’ self-assurance and general abilities, particularly in the areas of working together, communicating effectively, being creative, thinking critically, and appreciating beauty. These, together with the development of constructive values and attitudes within the context of PE, provide a solid basis for the learning that will continue throughout the students’ lives.
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Dr. Kahkashan Parvin, Kalpana Singh, Mrs. Aparna Srivastava, Dr. Radhika Awasthi

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