Principles Of Human Anatomy And Physiology


The fields of anatomy & physiology are cornerstones of the study of the living world. Anatomy is the study of the structure and physical connections of the body’s internal and exterior parts, whereas physiology is the study of how those parts work. Learn the fundamentals of the human body with the help of Anatomy and Physiology. It’s useful for clarifying some of the most basic ideas about how our bodies work. Learn not only the academic principles but also the practical functions of the human body with the aid of this anatomy and physiology textbook. It is both a theoretical and practical branch of scientific study. Having an understanding of human anatomy is useful in the event of an emergency. LPNs are responsible for patient care in urgent situations when physicians and registered nurses are not available. An LPN’s understanding of anatomy and physiology can aid tremendously in these kinds of circumstances. Learning about a patient’s anatomy & physiology may aid in diagnosing and treating their condition. A patient’s health may be evaluated, assessed, diagnosed, and monitored with its help. Theoretical work in this area sheds light on the human body in its entirety. LPNs’ medical and clinical competence and expertise may benefit greatly from a thorough understanding of the human anatomy. These areas are crucial to the practice of medicine and hence aid LPNs in developing the skills necessary to practice competent nursing.
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Dr. Rajesh Verma,Priyanka Dey, Dr. Annapurna Dhal, Gunjan Rawal

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