Principles Of Sociology


Sociology is a science based on the study of humans and their culture. It’s a wide field that includes sociology, anthropology, and other disciplines that examine human societies in depth. Researchers, policymakers, and activists may all benefit from a deeper knowledge of society thanks to sociology. Moreover, it aids them in enhancing the standard of living for all citizens. This book focuses on the scope, nature and definitions of sociology and society, conduct of people in societies, impacts of culture on the human personality, characteristics, and kinds and functions of culture. It also investigates the link between social contact and socialisation. It familiarises the reader with the essential ideas in sociology, such as customs, competition and conflict, social institutions, roles, social control, formal and informal agents of social control, politics and religion, and social conflict and social change. Furthermore, sociologists focus on studying culture, social connections, and their unique forms, types, and patterns rather than everything that occurs in a community or under social circumstances. We investigate how systems grow and adapt in response to new information, new requirements, and new relationships.
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Dr. Kaushal Kumari, Prof. Sanjose A Thomas, Dr. Gayathri N, D Karunakaran

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