Privacy and Security in IoT


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This book’s primary purpose is to deliver high-quality information to beginners and those who are about to enter a new area of expertise. It may serve as a lesson and give in-depth understanding of IoT technology and applications. Our primary objective is to provide superior material to the reader and intended audience (Researcher, Students and Project developer). For beginning any IoT-related study or project, it is essential to have fundamental knowledge and information for producing excellent work; thus, this book covers almost all IoT-related subjects. This book is described simply and written in straightforward English so that it is accessible, understood and acceptable to everyone. Currently, the internet not only connects people, but also connects objects, thus the term “internet of things.” IoT is based on several technologies and has numerous applications, including smart city, smart computing and smart health, among others. In brief, this technology confers intelligence to a variety of objects. Its use is expanding at a rapid rate in daily life. It may be dubbed in the near future as the internet of everything. The remaining topics are covered in depth throughout the book.

Harish Chowdhary, Brijesh Kumar Verma, Dr. Shaik Mohammad Rafi, Dr. Umesh Sehgal






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