Python for Beginners


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Python is widely used in the process of producing websites and applications, as well as for automating tasks, analysing data, and visualising data. Python is used for a wide range of day-to-day operations, including the organisation of money, by many non-programmers such as accountants and scientists. This is due to the fact that Python is reasonably straightforward to learn. Python is a high-level, interpreted, general-purpose, and dynamic programming language that places an emphasis on the readability of its source code. Python is often rated as one of the most widely used and rapidly expanding programming languages in the world. Python is a programming language that is effective, adaptable, and simple to use. In addition to that, the community around Python is quite active. Because it is compatible with a wide variety of programming paradigms, it finds widespread use. In addition to that, it manages memory on its own automatically. Students of engineering or anybody else interested in learning the fundamentals of Python will find this book to be an excellent resource. This book covers a wide range of subjects, all of which are designed to broaden the readers’ horizons of knowledge. Furthermore, by reading this book, students may improve their capacity for learning and better prepare themselves for tests using the ideas that are presented here. This book is packed with knowledge that can be put to good use and is presented in a manner that makes it accessible to readers of all reading levels. If you read this book chapter by chapter, you will have a much better comprehension of the ideas that are presented in this book since each chapter makes a significant contribution. All of the chapters in this book were prepared after extensive study was conducted in the topic area, and readers may also anticipate gaining a significant amount of information on a wide range of other topics as a direct consequence of reading this book. Python for beginners book has given an ove





Dr. Premnarayan Arya, Dr. Vinod Kumar, Dr. Gotam Singh Lalotra






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