Remote Sensing and GIS: Principles & Applications


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This book on the fundamentals of remote sensing and geographic information systems (GIS) for engineers explores all aspects of the subject matter, including electromagnetic radiation and its interaction with a wide variety of objects, several different sensors and platforms, data processing, the development of data products, and their ultimate use in earth resource monitoring and management. Included are the most current breakthroughs in sensor technology, greater information on image processing and the generation of data products, and applications of remote sensing in domains such as archaeology, desertification, and drought assessment. It provides a thorough understanding of the underlying principles and methodology underpinning remote sensing, geographic information systems, and the applications of these technologies. In recent years, the technology of remote sensing has become increasingly popular for use in mapping and monitoring the earth’s resources, as well as in the prevention and management of natural disasters. This is because remote sensing can be used in conjunction with Geographic Information Systems (GIS).

Dr. Basavaraja Simpi, Raghu K, Chetan H J, Dr. M. C .Manjunatha






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