Research And Statistical Methodology In Yoga



“Research and Statistical Methodology in Yoga” under-takes an innovative investigation that emerges from the intersection of contemporary scientific investigation and age-old yogic traditions. This extensive volume provides a thorough exploration of research methodologies that are utilized in the profound field of yoga. The book, authored by scholars who specialize in the convergence of yoga and academia, provides a comprehensive exploration of vari-ous research subjects that encompass the holistic, psychological, and physiological aspects of yoga practices.
Through an exploration of the physiological advantages of asanas and an investigation into the influence of mindfulness on mental health, every chapter sheds light on the scientific foundations of yoga. In addition to serving as a comprehensive manual for researchers exploring the unexplored domain of yoga research, this book is also an indispensable asset for practitioners who wish to enhance their knowledge of the empirical underpinnings of this time-honored discipline. The book places significant emphasis on statistical methodologies, which guarantees a strong foundation for the interpretation, analysis, and distribution of results. Whether one is an experienced researcher, a yoga practitioner, or an individual with a fascination for the seamless fusion of science and spirituality, this book provides a thought-provoking exploration of the dynamic realm of yoga research.

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Dr. R. Murugesan

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