Research Methodologies In Multidisciplinary Subjects (Volume-1)



Research Methodologies in Multidisciplinary Subjects In a multidisciplinary approach, experts from different fields work together to solve an issue, drawing on their own areas of expertise to provide comprehensive solutions that are neither isolated nor biased which is presented in this handbook.
You may know that law and public health face ever-changing difficulties that need fresh viewpoints from many disciplines. On the other hand, in reality, experts often fall back on tried-and-true methods from their respective fields when faced with a challenge. In order to answer research questions more thoroughly than with only one method, the mixed methods approach combines quantitative and qualitative techniques.
The contemporaneous and coordinated design may compensate for the shortcomings of any technique, which is a major benefit of using a mixed methods approach. While quantitative studies could not provide enough information to fully grasp a phenomenon’s setting, qualitative studies conducted in isolation might introduce bias and fail to provide applicable results. Hence, a multidisciplinary approach is required for the scientific examination of several concerns. The knowledge, experience, and perspective of professionals from different domains are pooled in a multidisciplinary approach.The book give clarity about use of interdisciplinary research methods in addressing societal challenges and several other methods. In a nutshell, this kind of study allows the investigator to have a comprehensive grasp of the issue at hand. Through the integration of diverse ideas from many academic and scientific disciplines, researchers have the opportunity to generate fresh insights and even uncover unexplored areas of knowledge.

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Dr. Dinanath Devram Patil, Co-Editor :Dr. Balasaheb Dada Wagh

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