Research Methodology And Biostatistics


This book, Introduction to Biostatistics & Research Methods, is intended for all students of medicine and other health-related fields, as well as researchers, who are interested in acquiring a comprehensive understanding of biostatistics. The term “research methodology” relates to the “how” that is conducted in any specific piece of research. To be more precise, it refers to the way a researcher methodically plans a study to guarantee that the findings are accurate and trustworthy and that they meet the purposes and objectives of the research. Statistics have a wide variety of uses in the medical and health professions, which are examined by this book on research methodology and biostatistics. This book explains research techniques and biostatistics, including its ideas, principles, procedures, and application areas. The scientific area of biostatistics is relatively young, but it is increasing at a fast rate. This discipline of study finds vast applications in the field of pharmacy & pharmaceutical research. The field of pharmacy is heavily focused on research. For a study to be considered successful, the researcher must have a strong foundational understanding of research fundamentals,including research methodology, experimental designs and procedures, and data analysis techniques that provide accurate and insightful interpretations.
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Dr. Gaurav Bhatnagar (PT) , Dr. Vishvnath Sharnappa Pawadshetty (PT)

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