Research Methodology Methods And Techniques


Research is a process that leads to the discovery of the new facts and information, aids in the verification of current knowledge, and prompts us to query matters that are baffling in light of the available evidence. Conducting research is the process of learning something new in order to find a solution to a problem. The roots of the term research-“re” for “again” and “search” for “find”-indicate that we are engaged in the process of re-examining something or seeking for fresh data on a topic. Research has taken on a far larger role in the contemporary economy, both in the realm of business and in the broader economy. The use of the research in resolving operational challenges has come to the fore as a result of the rising complexity of industry and government. The government and businesses alike have come to place a higher value on research that can inform economic policy. The foundation of the economic system is research, which in turn informs practically all government actions. For instance, the government’s budgets are based in part on an assessment of the population’s wants and requirements, as well as the fiscal resources that will be made available to satisfy those wants and needs. Research is mainly required in the area of balancing the expense of necessities with anticipated income. The results of the research will allow us to consider various policy options and their potential outcomes.
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Dr. Sneh Kumar Meshram, Dr. Rohit Kumar Verma, Prof (Dr). Roopali Sharma, Dr. Prem Ram

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