Research Methodology Methods, Tools & Techniques


In common usage, research refers to the pursuit of knowledge. Research may also be defined as a scientific and methodical search for relevant information on a given subject. In truth, research is a scientific inquiry art. The worlds’ in Research represents frequency and intensity, while the ‘search’ word is linked with discovery. In this context, ‘research’ refers to the repeated and in-depth examination of items. In other words, the process of “research” includes looking for the heart of the things, drawing some conclusions, finding new hypotheses, and clarifying those contributions. Every second, many studies are conducted anywhere in the globe, and they adhere to a set of rules, which are also outlined in the book. Any study employs a variety of research procedures, which include data collecting, research structure design, data analysis, and so on. A research technique lends credibility to study and produces scientifically sound results. It also includes a clear strategy that assists researchers in staying on track, making the procedure seamless, effective, and manageable. The methodology of a researcher helps the reader to comprehend the strategy and procedures utilized to obtain findings. This book is intended for the student of the study subject or the researchers themselves to have a better grasp of the methodologies available and their applications in certain scenarios.
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Dr. R. D. Padmavathy, Dr. Konkala Anand, Dr. Swati Kekare, Dr. Pullaiah Cheepi

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