Social And Preventive Pharmacy


The field of social and preventive pharmacy seems broad, and this book covers some of the most essential aspects of it. This book explains how base healthcare and public healthcare policy may help us reach our ultimate objective of universal health coverage. The aspects of a National Health Programs are covered in detail, with special attention paid to family welfare planning and programs for the health of mothers and children. This book makes it possible to comprehend many diseases and health problems with clarity. The book discusses the many kituls of communicable illnesses, their causes, and how they spread and may be avoided. The textbook provides a comprobitive overview of all its covered material for the convenience of its readership. The subject matter is presented in a clear, comprehenoble, and logically arranged manner throughout the textbooks, allowing for quick and simple access for students in formatted style that corresponds with the course curriculum This book covers topics like Concept of Health and Disease. Concepts and Evaluation of Public Health, Social and Health Education, Food in Relation to Nutrition and Health, General Principles of Prevention and Control of Does National Health Programs, Community Services in Koral. Urban and School Health, National Urban Health Musion, Health Promotion and Education in School etr
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Mrs. Jesika Chandan Rane, Dr. Suvarna Manoj Bhadane, Mrs. Rupali Prashant Yevale, Mr. M Mohammed Sahinsha

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