Social Pharmacy / As Per PCI – ER 2020


The study and practice of pharmacy that takes into account the social context of medication and its distribution, control, and use is known as “social pharmacy.” The social, psychological, financial, and administrative dimensions of medicine are all included. Community pharmacy health management initiatives that seek to improve the health of local inhabitants and instructional programs for elementary and middle school students have all benefited greatly from the expertise of social pharmacists. It’s an interdisciplinary study of pharmacy that draws on the ideas and methodologies of many other fields, both humanistic in addition social-scientific. Thus, studies in social pharmacy may help in examining the significant prospects and threats confronting clinical pharmacy in the healthcare system. Inadequate knowledge in this area hinders studies of healthcare’s clinical pharmacy services. Independent, theory-based research on topics such as drug use, patient & provider communication and behaviour, pharmacy practice, patient care systems, health outcomes, and the pharmacy profession is provided by the field of social pharmacy. Various fields, including economics, psychology, sociology, education, management sciences, history, epidemiology, and law, are integrated with pharmacy and pharmaceutical knowledge to achieve this goal.
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Dr. Amit Bhargava, Dr. Meenakshi Sindolia Bhargava, Mr. Alok Bhargava

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