Solid & Hazardous Waste Management


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The technologies described in the book will be of great use to decision-makers in municipalities, hospitals, industries, regulatory bodies, planning and government departments in designing systems for safe disposal of municipal solid wastes, plastic waste, bio-medical wastes, hazardous wastes and e-wastes. Bio-medical wastes, Hazardous wastes, Industrial solid wastes, plastic waste and e-wastes are also posing problems of collection, transport, treatment and disposal. The term “solid waste” refers to items that can be easily categorized as either solid or semi-solid and are the consequence of a wide range of human activities. Although some of the items may be salvageable, they are considered waste and should be disposed of. This book provides an all-encompassing look at the methods now in use for dealing with various types of trash, including plastic, biomedical, hazardous, and electronic garbage.

Mr. Rudra Pratap Singh, Dr. S.Thenmozhi, Mr. Mayank , Dr. P. Mageshkumar






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