Solid Waste Management: Problems And Solutions



Solid Waste Management refers to the processes of collecting, processing, and finally disposing of items that have outlived their usefulness or use. Pollution of the environment and the spread of illnesses carried by rodents and insects may result from improper disposal of municipal solid waste, which in turn can lead to unclean circumstances. Solid-waste management is fraught with intricate technological difficulties. They also provide a broad range of management and solution challenges in the administrative, economic, and social spheres. According to the contents of this book, the main objective of solid waste management is to lessen or eliminate the negative effects that trash has on people and the planet promote progress in these areas and improve people’s quality of life overall. This should be carried out as effectively as possible to minimize waste and associated expenses. Municipal solid waste, plastic garbage, biological waste, hazardous waste, electronic waste, and soil remediation technologies are only some of the subjects covered in this book on solid waste management: problems and solutions.

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Dr. Ishwar Baburao Ghorude, Prof. Dr. Sham H Mankar,Mrs. Jyothi M R, Dr. Pranjit Kumar Bhuyan

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