Solid Waste Management: Solutions And Problems


Citizens, businesses, municipalities, and pollution control agencies all share some of the blame for the lack of effective waste management in these nations. The term “waste management” refers to the coordinated effort put out to sort, collect, transport, reprocess, recycle, and dispose of garbage. Energy use, methane emissions, storing carbon, ecological health, and human health are all affected differently by various wastes and waste management activities. Central as well as state governments continue to play an important role by creating policies, programmes, as well as regulations as well as providing financial and technical support for infrastructure development, which includes management of municipal solid waste (MSW) within urban areas, as many local governments have yet to develop their own capacity to independently regulate their solid waste. Despite the fact that MSWM is a required service provided by municipal authorities throughout the nation, it is still being handled in an unorganised fashion, which has major consequences for the environment and the health of women and children in particular. This highlights the critical need of urban local authorities developing an MSWM strategy that is both comprehensive and strategic. As the pace at which goods are produced and consumed continues to rise, so does the volume of waste generated and discarded by civilizations in all walks of life. To rephrase, solid wastes are the byproducts of human and animal activity that are often solid and are discarded because they are deemed unnecessary or undesirable. This will unavoidably put a significant damper on efficient and sustainable growth by placing a massive pressure on natural resources.
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Dr. S. Parvathy,Dr. M. Abareethan,Dr. P. Ramu, Dr. R. Usha Kalyani

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