Sports Physiotherapy And Medicine


Medical professionals in the field of sports physiotherapy and medicine specialise in helping athletes recover from injuries acquired while competing or training. A sports medicine doctor focuses only on diagnosing and treating injuries sustained in sporting events. Fitness and safety aspects may be employed as preventative measures, while orthopaedic manipulation, physical therapy, and injections can be used as curative measures. Sports medicine doctors regularly see patients who are experiencing back pain as a result of the repetitive motion, muscle strain, and overuse that may occur from engaging in activities like cycling, weightlifting, running, and golf. This book asserts that sports medicine combines conventional medical education with principles from sports science, exercise physiology, orthopaedics, biomechanics, food and nutrition, and sports psychology. A sports medicine team may consist of both medical professionals and non-medical specialists. They may include doctors, surgeons, fitness trainers, sports psychologists, physiotherapists, dietitians, coaches, and personal trainers. A specialist in sports medicine helps athletes improve their overall performance by attending to their health and restoring or improving their ability to do certain physical tasks. It is not usually implied by the sports medicine expert that the individual is a medical professional. The field of sports medicine is broad enough to accommodate its application. This book covers important issues in the fields of sports medicine and physiotherapy, including physical education-related sports injuries and physiotherapy with examples of various treatments. The many forms of massage, hydrotherapy, and other therapies, as well as the therapeutic activities you may do on your various body parts, are all covered in detail in a subsequent book.
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Dr. Shaikh Aiyaz Hussain, Dr. Abinaya S, Dr. Dhivyadharshini V, Dr. Kadiervel K

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